Spectrum Health Virtual Reality Experience

The Spectrum Health Virtual Reality Experience aims to make visits to Spectrum Health facilities as stress-free as possible. Patients and visitors might be concerned about the procedures they or their loved ones are undertaking, and they may have questions on the room layouts and machines that will be in use. Spectrum Health would like to help alleviate these concerns by developing a web-based solution that will allow for detailed viewings of patient rooms to assist those coming to the facilities.

Users are able to connect using the web on their mobile devices and computers, and optionally use virtual reality devices to view the rooms. Using a virtual reality device makes it seem as if the user is really standing in the middle of the room, looking around. Details regarding the room are overlaid onto the images, such as what the machines located in the room will be used for during their visit.

There is also an administrator portal where Spectrum Health employees can create or delete buildings and rooms.

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My contributions included uploading to and downloading from the database. That involved getting the list of buildings, rooms, and hitboxes from the database and displaying them. For uploading, I took information received from an admin and formatted the data to add it into the database tables. I designed and created the public homepage layout. I also made sure the mobile VR features were working. On the admin site, I added options to delete entire buildings or rooms and set up error checking, which prevented the creation of a new room or building if information is missing.

For the website’s front-end, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used. A-Frame was used to display the 360° images and for virtual reality support. For the website’s back-end, Microsoft Azure DevOps was used to host the website. ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, and MSSQL were used to provide server integration.