Scarf Cats

Scarf Cats is a co-op adventure game where you and a friend work together to solve puzzles and traverse the world, all while tied together by a scarf!

Kit and Grandma go to meet Grandpa for a picnic, but he’s all the way on the top of the mountain! Tied together by the scarf Grandma is knitting for Kit, they flip levers, jump gaps, solve puzzles, and climb the mountain to get to Grandpa!

My contributions to the project included coding for the menu, audio, player, scarf, and box physics, two player functionality, lengthening and shortening the scarf, levers, and buttons. Also, I worked with one of the artists to get their animations playing at the correct times and to have certain particles play at certain times. I looked over and debugged all code in the project, even if I had not written it, as I was the lead programmer in this project. Utilizing Cinemachine, I implemented all cameras and cutscenes within the game.

This project was developed using C# in Unity. It utilized the asset Obi Rope for the scarf.